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Ny cd med duo-oktava i salg nå.
The violist Povilas Syrrist-Gelgota and the cellist Toril Syrrist-Gelgota have played together as Duo Oktava since 1998. They are both members of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and have established themselves as exciting chamber musicians both in Norway and abroad. The duo has appeared at several international festivals and has given concerts in Norway and many other European countries.
Toril studied with Truls Mørk and Aage Kvalbein at the Norwegian Academy of Music and with Silvija Sondeckiene at the Lithuanian Academy
of Music and Theatre; Povilas studied with Lars Anders Tomter (Norwegian Academy of Music), Jack Glickman (Guildhall School of Music and Drama), Pierre-Henri Xuereb (Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris) and Petras Radzevičius (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Th eatre).
From the start Duo Oktava has made an effort to uncover music originally written for viola and cello. Their search has resulted in an extensive and varied repertoire of music by more than 200 composers from different periods. Inspiring composers to write new music for viola
and cello is another ambition, and the duo sees it as a great honour and a recognition of their work that several composers have written pieces especially for Duo Oktava.